the autonomous clock

By Euan Williams

This clock is telling the wrong time – or then again it might be telling the right time | for you.

This is an autonomous clock – it doesn’t care about you or the tempo of the Earth’s turn.

This project started at Berlin's midnight on the 31st of December 2013. In the moment of beginning the clock’s hands were all pointed upward. Everyday throughout the course of the day the clock gains 15 minutes to its conventional time keeping. Every 4 days the clock moves an hour to the east. From Berlin time – to Cape Town time – to Baghdad time – to Moscow time – and so on.

This clock is slowly orbiting the world – moving against the spin of the Earth | slowing it down.

Come and visit this clock again – perhaps you will synchronise.

Please embed and spread this clock on websites, blogs and social media.

Let’s make this clock international. Viewable from around the world. Let’s all view this simultaneously.

Thank you.